Larry Miller at the Blues Room June 05

Larry Miller is fast becoming one of the must see rock acts of 2010.

Larry Miller

Larry Miller

With his energetic and eclectic style, Larry brings a new dimension of showmanship to his performances. After picking up his brother’s guitar and writing his first song, he felt his future lay in the same direction as his hero Rory Gallagher. Larry himself says: “For me, my moment of inspiration was seeing Rory Gallagher live, I had never experienced anything like it. So loud, so gloriously on the edge of total mayhem, yet Rory was still totally in control. How could I NOT do this too! Like Rory I’d work under my own name, with a band. I’d do all the writing, singing, producing, playing and leading.” During his career, Larry has had his fair share of highs and lows, but he feels that his highest point to date was at the 2009 Cambridge Rock Festival. The whole affair started rather badly, with Larry’s name missing on the website, and then the news that he would not be playing the main stage; they had him headlining the blues tent. Larry and his band set up, and began to play to a rather empty tent. Meanwhile, the main stage had technical problems, so the headline acts couldn’t play. It wasn’t long before the blues tent was overflowing. When the set had ended, the crowd called seven encores. To his surprise, Larry heard the MC call a “National Larry Miller Day!” This was an experience that Larry will never forget: “I have played hundreds of great gigs but there was something else happening here. I really felt that we and the audience were as one and the atmosphere was like nothing I’d never ever experienced before.” Larry Miller is a born entertainer. His life is his music, however, he doesn’t take himself too seriously, he is often seen laughing and joking with his audience during a set, and enjoys interacting with them. He is happy to get in amongst his fans and chat with them after a gig, and is universally known amongst his fans as “the nicest man in Rock and Roll”. The Larry Miller Band features bassist Derek White, Simon Baker on Drums, and Ian Salisbury on the Hammond Organ.

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