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CHRIS WILSON’S SUCCESSFUL NEW VENTURE – The Greystones takes over where The Boardwalk left off

LEADING SHEFFIELD BOOKER CHRIS WILSON’S SUCCESSFUL NEW VENTURE – The Greystones takes over where The Boardwalk left off

 Chris Wilson

Sheffield live music fans disappointed by the closure of the Boardwalk will be delighted to know that Chris Wilson who ran the venue for 15 years, is up and running again as part of a successful new venture at the GREYSTONES Sheffield, S11 7BS.

Again it’s a live music seven nights a week place but Chris doesn’t have to run all of them. “I’ve joined forces with Thornbridge Brewery and four other promoters are involved on different nights. This is fantastic for me; it leaves me free to concentrate on the music, maintaining the very highest quality on the nights I promote.”

The gig list certainly bears that out with Steve Tilson, Larry Miller, Dana Gillespie, Wilko Johnson, Michael Chapman among the acts booked over the next few months.


Chris is one of the most respected music promoters in the North of England; he didn’t go into detail about the closure of the Boardwalk, saying only;

‘A very hurtful series of events surrounding the renewal of the lease in February this year forced me and my family out.’ He also noted: ‘…those involved had seriously underestimated the strength of feeling the events aroused among music fans, the Sheffield media and public.’

The search for a new venue was urgent ‘When it all occurred I had 200 shows booked in for 2011’ said Chris. ‘But thankfully I personally knew most of the acts involved like Wilko Johnson and the Nimmo Brothers.

I rang them all and when asked what I’d do next I said ‘Well I’ve got this friend who runs a venue called the Greystones, and they all said go for it.’ The Greystones used to be known as the Highcliffe which until a few years ago had hosted a famous folk club. Thornbridge Brewery took over the failing Highcliffe in November 2010. They re-named it and re-opened the music room so already establishing itself the venue was the ideal opportunity for Chris to re-locate to.

The dust has settled and the new venture is going well, ‘It’s a great gig, like a mini Boardwalk; same layout and great vibe.’

There have already been several sell-out shows including Wilko Johnson ‘Both Wilko and Norman Watt-Roy raved about the venue’ said Chris. He’s got a lot more to tell us about his memories of the Boardwalk and the great artists he’s worked with and will be talking to us in due course but meanwhile we wish Chris & family every success.

Here’s a list of the shows booked so far – it’s looking really good for Blues & Rock fans.

Aug 21 the Hamsters, last Sheffield gig; Aug 24, Hamilton Loomis.

Sep 7 Bob Log III, Sep11 Steve Tilston, Sep 25 Nimmo Brothers, Sep 30 Larry Miller Oct 3 Heidi Talbot + Boo Hewerdine + John McCusker, Oct 5 Frank Vignola Trio, Oct 10 Sleeping Dogz, Oct 11 Hank Wangford, Oct12 Catfish Keith, Oct 18 Michael Chapman + Rita Hosking, Oct 24 Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Oct 26  Stephen Fearing + Andy White, Nov 9 Dana Gillespie + Dino Baptiste, Nov 12 King King, Nov 18 Clive Carroll, Nov19 The Producers, Nov 20 Roger Davies, Dec 3 Paul Lamb and The Kingsnakes, Dec 9 Wilko Johnson Band, Dec 11 Mike Sanchez, Dec 17 Connie Lush and Blues Shouter, Dec 18 Chantel McGregor.

All events are at The Greystones, Greystones Road, Sheffield, S11 7BS tel 0114 266 5599 or Chris Wilson on 0771 007 6640

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