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It’s been a fantastic few months for Jo Harman as she has risen in meteoric fashion. She is truly on a roll with this month’s release of her much anticipated debut album ‘Dirt on My Tongue’. The album has received universal praise from all quarters- from mainstream press such as the Mail on Sunday (who singled out Jo’s record alongside only two other new releases – David Bowie and Mariah Carey) to the specialist Blues press and most points in between. As ‘Firebrand’ Magazine put it ‘believe the hype, this album is stunning’. Jo has 26 noted festival bookings already in place – including the prestigious Cheltenham Jazz Festival; these include various headline appearances – including Hebden Bridge and Newark here in the UK, as well as Europe where she has linked up with the celebrate Dutch Bepop Agency.  It is really difficult to think of any other blues rooted artist who has exploded quite so quickly onto the scene. This is a truly noteworthy achievement, considering everything has, according to Jo, been ‘word of mouth’ with zero publicity spend to date. As we said Jo is on a roll and the present direction can only be one way – onward and upward.


Check her out at


LBI’s review of Jo’s album will appear shortly, but for now we can certainly recommend it.


In the meantime here is a selection of comments on the album:


*Jo Harman* was quoted on her website as saying she wanted to make a classic album. Quite some statement of intent, but with* ‘Dirt on My Tongue’* finally dropping this month, people can make judgment for themselves.   To date, reaction from fans, supporters and the media has been remarkably positive; a handful of quotes are listed below.

Despite there being no press campaign, the word of mouth buzz has
resulted in the record being featured in the *Mail on Sunday* (UK’s largest
circulation newspaper), alongside just two other new music releases – David Bowie and Mariah Carey.  Also for Black Music Bible *’Blues And Soul’*,
who cover international black music from rap to pop, to dedicate one of
their 60-a-year album reviews to Jo’s record, and award it four stars,
well…that speaks for itself.


Support from the mainstream Blues community has been quick to unfold and is equally welcoming; Jo shares the front cover of *’Blues Matters’* with Joe Bonamassa this month, and the ongoing championing of Jo by high street magazine *’Classic Rock Blues’* whose front cover proclaimed Jo as ‘our tip for 2013′, has been particularly

The album was produced by Jo’s musical partner *Mike Davies*, and lovingly mixed by
*Andy Strange* (Robbie Williams, John Lennon, Michael Jackson). ‘Dirt On My
Tongue’ features not only members of Jo’s road band but also some world
class musicians from both sides of the Atlantic. The album is currently
only available in (beautifully packaged) physical form at from Jo’s website  and at Jo’s gigs.

In Holland, Jo is Live Nation’s artist of choice to support the likes of
Mick Hucknall, Don McLean, The Cranberries, and more, playing some of
the most famous arena and theatre venues around Europe, including opening
for Johnny Winter at the Paradiso.


Whether you think Jo has hit her target with ‘Dirt on My Tongue’ is for
the listener to decide but, either way it’s a record we are all very proud to be
associated with.

‘Stunning…our tip for 2013 – Harman’s music mainlines the human
soul’* Classic Rock Blues
*”Album of the year’   *Gary Grainger,*  UK Blues Presenter of the

*”Album of 2013, if not the decade”* – Blues Doodles (5 stars).
*”A veritable superstar on the British blues and roots scene, she
really is that good….the voice is a glorious instrument, immensely expressive
and with a tone that can send shivers down the spine…this is an
astounding record, timeless, rich and powerful …it’s this disc that truly says
she is a star of our time.’”* – Tone Monkey
*’What a voice!’* – Classic Rock

*“when music magazines compile their lists for a ‘Best Of’ this decade
in a few years, this is an album from 2013 that should definitely be
included as a benchmark.”* – Blues Train Radio

*”With Harman aiming to make a “classic album”, we think she hit that
nail on the head, and then some. This timeless work will be musically
relevant beyond any popular music trends” *- Sound and Motion
*”Cracking…get it!”* – Mail on Sunday**

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