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Tom Killner

Tom Killner at Hebden Blues Festival


Tom Killner is a rising young name  on the UK blues circuit.  At a 18 years old he is already carving a  reputation  for himself.   He has played at The Great British Blues Festival, Hebden Bridge Blues Festival and he has been invited to guest with Danny Bryant and Gwyn Ashton.  2014 sees a string of blues club dates with highlights including playing support to Dr Feelgood at the Musician in Leicester in December.  He is an endorsee of both Fret King Guitars and Vintage guitars and has been featured in ‘Gear’ magazine.


Tell us what you’re up to ,  musically ,  at the moment?

At the Minute I’m currently on a break and working with a new drummer in the band, I will be out and gigging pretty soon which I’m really looking forward to. Can’t wait to play the new material for people.


How would you describe your musical style?

My musical style? Well Its Blues, but it has all sorts of influences in there from Funk, Latin, Rock and soul which I’m quite heavily influenced by.


Do you / who writes the material?

I’m the main writer for my material although I do like working with one of my close friends Jess Courts to write songs she’s also a fantastic songwriter.


Tell us about your musical & lyrical influences?

Well my musical influences are loads of people really; I would say my first influence would be the Irish guys Rory Gallagher since he’s the guy that got me interested in blues from an early age, I got into Gary Moore a bit later on but he’s also a big influence. I have all the old guys that have also had a big part in my influences Muddy, BB, Freddie, Albert I mean the list is endless really a lot of the younger players like Matt Schofeild, Dereck Trucks & Susan Tedechi that I have really got into lately I really love their sound and the lyrical influences definitely comes from People like Walter Trout & Robert Cray I think their songs are just really honest and true.


Where in particular do you draw melodic inspiration from?

It’s quite a hard one I pull it from anywhere, I love pulling inspiration from records that I listen to I go away and I find I’m writing in that style.

So what do you write about?

I write about all sorts of things, relationships, politicians and bankers that lie, just generally anything I’m feeling at that moment.


Are you dealing with any current issues, say political or

Philosophical, that influences your writing?

I think at the moment it would be Political & Personal things that are my main influences times are hard at the moment so what better excuse to have a moan about it in a song.



Do you think of yourself as a guitist who sings, or a singer who plays guitar?

Well I started singing after I started guitar so that aspect I’m a guitarist that sings, but they are both equally important so that you have to match both and be the best you can at both.


What do you think is the future of the CD? (this question is in

relation to downloading, etc.)

I think the CD will still be there for many more years I mean look at the records they have survived the test of time and more and more people are going back to them. Digital downloads are all well and good but I prefer having something physical rather than it just being on the PC .



Listening wise – Favourite Saturday night music?

Oli Brown, The 3 Kings, SRV, Jeff Healy, Philip Sayce, King King.


Favourite Sunday morning music?

Sunday morning music would have to be Pink Floyd, Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter.


What are you listening to at the moment?

Well it changes I tend to really get into a few albums and listen to them constantly I think at the moment it would have to be King King “Standing in the shadows”, Mitch Laddie “Burning Bridges”  & Tedechi Trucks “Made Up Mind”


Read any good books recently?

BB Kings autobiography was a really good read


All-time favourite book?

My all-time favourite book that I don’t get bored of is Eric Clapton’s autobiography  


Stones or Beatles?

I think Beatles, my earliest memories of listening to music were Beatles songs.

Curry or Chinese, or?

You can’t beat a good Curry

Freddie, BB, or Albert?

I love all 3 Kings but it would have to be Freddie King for me he got style!

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