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Blue Touch are well known in the South of England for their own brand of blues.  This long running, dedicated band have brought their energetic, fun take on covers and their self penned songs to audiences throughout the UK.


The band has several albums out now, tell us about the latest; Old, New, Borrowed and Blue


It’s our concept album ;-) We wanted to include a few original songs in this album and different treatments for other songs we love to play. It quickly became apparent that they were falling into ‘categories’, hence the title! It is for us the best work so far.


Was it a fun album to record and why?

Fun? Well yes, of course it was fun and powered by tea and chocolate biscuits with a couple of beers thrown in! In some respects it was an album we were not sure we would ever make as Alan was seriously ill last year but it turned out to be great therapy for him and the recording sessions were part of his recovery – what better therapy can there be than making a racket with your best mates?


Where was it recorded?


The whole thing was done at No Machine Studios in Wokingham, where all Blue Touch recordings have been made. Neil is in fact the owner, engineer and producer of the studios and has worked with many artists, recording many albums for artists such as Larry Miller. ( Neil is a great talent both on guitar and the mixing desk.


Introduce us to the band….


On vocals; the wonderful Andrea Maria; she joined us in 2003. Andrea combines a remarkable stage presence and is very talented


On the drums; Hugh Lawrenson, much travelled and owner of the most luxurious drum stool imaginable


And on bass;  Merv Griffin, one of the original band members (since 1999), a gear head with a bass for every day of the week. Flatly refuses to sing – some say with good reason!


On guitar and vocals;  Neil Sadler, he brought his astonishing guitar skills to us in 2005, and he also sings. Not forgetting that he is the producer of all our recordings


Also on guitar, and vocals; Alan Cleaves, the other original band member and another gearhead. Alan has a guitar for every day of the month!


How long have you been playing together and how did the band start?


Blue Touch emerged from being the house band at the (sadly) now defunct Blues Tavern in Farnham during 1998, but the name ‘Blue Touch’ was adopted in 1999 when we decided to start gigging as a unit.

Along the way, like many bands, the line up changed fairly regularly at first, but luckily since Neil joined us in 2005 the line up has remained unchanged, enabling us to hone our material and sound rehearsed even though we’re making things up a lot of the time ;-)


What has been the most memorable band achievement to date and why?


Getting this far with all of us more or less intact is an achievement in itself, but a couple of good things was a track of ours being used by the BBC and with this album getting to No15 in April’s blues chart in the UK combined with radio play around the World.


Quick fire questions


Curry or Chinese?


Curry every time


BB King or Eric Clapton?


Eric King – each has slots in our playlists


Novel or biography?


Novel every time.


CD or MP3


CD for quality, MP3 for quantity, Vinyl because some us remember it


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