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Ged Wilson is from Bury in Lancashire and has just released his first album “What’s Going On?”  The album was recorded at Lisa Stansfield’s Gracieland Studio in Rochdale. Ged is a full-time musician and songwriter. He played the Acoustic main stage at Colne, the Great British R&B Festival. Ged has appeared several other Blues festivals around the country sharing stages with such as Aynsley Lister, Michael Roach and Sean Taylor. His growing list of engagements includes  Burnley Blues Festival, Leyland Live, The Met, and Saltburn Blues Club 

Tell us about you new album and what you’re up to musically at the moment?

I’m really excited about my new album. I took the decision to take my time with it and pay far more attention to detail than I have done with past recordings. As I result I feel the real me has come out on this album.


How would you describe your musical style?

My new album has been described as “Southern Rock Swamp Blues” which refers to Louisiana rather than the Thames delta! My solo live style is contemporary acoustic blues.

Who else plays on the album?

A lot of time was spent selecting not only skilful musicians but people who would buy into the project and make their mark on the album. Kevin Whitehead on drums from Barclay James Harvest fame, Steve Buckley – Boyce on bass and keyboards who has worked with and produced many top stars, Tony Marshall on sax who plays with Kyla Brox and the Delta Sistas (Sue Quin & Yvonne Shelton) worked with Heather Small and such provide some delicious backing vocals.


Do you write the material?

I write all my own songs but I do play some of my own versions of blues covers at my gigs too.


Tell us about your musical & lyrical influences?

I grew up with the British Blues boom of the sixties and every week I would go to the Free Trade Hall in Manchester and see the likes of John Mayall, Groundhogs, Savoy Brown etc. which got me tracing the roots of Blues. I like the way blues delivers simple lyrics in a powerful way through rhythm and emotion and also the way people like Gil Scott-Heron got his message across as well as the way you will find wit with words with someone Ian Dury for example.


Where in particular do you draw melodic inspiration from?

I guess through jazz; I’m a fan of jazz as it works so well with blues and my favourite Miles Davis album ‘Kind of Blue’ was a real influence on my new album.


What do you write about?

I like to pick on little things I see around me for example, False Alarm on the album came out of a phrase a mate of mine used to describe people who let him down.


Are you dealing with any current issues, say political or philosophical, that influence your writing?

On the new album there is a significant political element that is there to reflect these times living in a northern town.


Which song / or piece of music are you most satisfied with?

It is very difficult to select one song as I am satisfied with al the songs on the album as they do vary a little in style and content but if you have to push me I would say Different Class as it has the swagger, vintage guitar tone and with the sax too which has been likened to the Rolling Stones circa Brown Sugar. So that’s why it is the first song on the album!


What do you think is the future of the CD format


The future for the CD format looks bleak. Fortunately people of my generation still like physical copies of music as we were brought up on LP’s. One thing that a physical disc gives is the opportunity for artwork, as you can see with my album there is a series of photos to reflect the songs. I think sometimes with downloads things don’t last for long whereas a CD or LP is saved for years, well certainly in my case anyway!


Listening wise – Favourite Saturday night music?

At the moment I’m listening to Jace Everett which is unusual for me because I don’t normally do Country music!


Favourite Sunday morning music?

Kyle Eastwood’s take on jazz


What do you listen to / sing – while in the bath

For some reason I always sing Summertime and Guy Mitchell’s version of Singing the Blues!


Read any good books recently?

Yes, Guitar Man by Will Hodgkinson


All-time favourite book?

Twelve Bar Blues by Patrick Neate its music related but a gripping novel that won a Whitbread prize in 2001 I think.


Stones or Beatles?



Favourite pianist?

Oscar Peterson


Favourite saxophonist

Art Pepper


Curry or Chinese, or?



Freddie, BB, or Albert?



Our thanks and best wishes to  Ged Wilson

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