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Something Blue

Grass Roots is our debut album.  It contains 9 tracks, two of which are originals, the rest are traditional/old blues/americana.

How would you describe the musical style?

old timey/blues/americana/bluegrass.


So where in general is your career at this moment and what are your immediate future plans – (tours-gigs-shoot the drummer, etc.)

At the moment we are gigging relentlessly and getting a great response. Our immediate plans are to keep doing the same and increase our following, and continue to move up the musical ladder.


What about the personnel on the album – any other players on the sessions?

It’s just us on the album. We both sing and additionally, Rob plays guitar/mandolin/uke/bass/drums and Sarah plays saxes and harmonica.


(Assuming you write the songs either alone or in concert)Who writes the material? How do you go about writing  (what instrument – lyrics or melody first)

Sarah writes most of our originals, although some are written together. Sarah often wakes up in the middle of the night with an idea or a lyric or a riff or something and we build on from there. Luckily, we have no immediate neighbours, so if we get an idea, we get up and work on it!



Can you describe your influences – instrumentally, lyrically and melodically?

We’re big fans of the old traditional blues, but also more recent artist such as Dave Rawlings, Kevin Fowler and the Pierces.


Regarding melodies we’re interested in where you draw inspiration from (for instance old blues / or a standard chord sequence / or in folk a traditional mode

Sarah; I usually put together the lyrics and a chord sequence first, and then play the chords and try to put the rhythm and melody to it. Some of our songs are straightforward bluesy sequences, others are more unusual.



What about the subject matter of the songs?

Sarah; I write about whatever inspires me. I don’t ever stick to a particular subject Whether it’s someone or something that has made me happy or sad. It’s whatever I’m thinking about when I go to sleep. I wrote a song about tinnitus once!


Are you dealing with any current issues like political or philosophical, any of those that concern you and influence your music?

Sarah; Not intentionally. I’ve written a song about Town Planning, but it was never intended as anything political, it was simply that I was living next door to a property developer at the time and the noise was annoying me!


Looking at the album and (if you have one) your back catalogue which songs are you most proud of?

The feedback from most people is that our harmonies really compliment each other. Our next album will contain much more songs with harmonies and will be a definite progression from the first. We’re particularly proud that whenever we gig our original material mixed in with covers, it’s the original material that gets the best response from the audiences.



What do you think is the future of the CD?

Who knows? People seem to like it, but it’s a first album and we’re already working on the next. We want to show our audiences a very clear progression in our song choices and writing. We’ve learned a lot during the process of recording and promoting this album and are thrilled at the responses it’s getting.


Do you think that its right for magazines to demand manufactured CD’s rather than CDR’s for review (bearing in mind the costs, especially to independent artists)

We think the quality of a manufactured CD show a level of commitment that a band who produces a CDR does not, and the variance in cost really is minimal.



To play to good size audiences who love our original material. Isn’t that every songwriters dream?


Career highlight

Meeting each other! No, but seriously… playing our first sold out “tickets only” gig.


Career lowlight

Playing the gig that resulted in us writing “Hell No”. (Track 5 on Grass Roots

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