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The W.T. Feaster band are in the UK to launch and promote their new album juggling dynamite – we got to talk to Travis long distance on the day of their gig at Gateshead in the chilly North of England


The new album is ‘Juggling Dynamite’ good title do tell us more…

Yeah it’s called ‘Juggling Dynamite’ and it’s a mixture of rock/blues, funk and soul which is how I’d describe our style.  It’s our third studio album and our first that’s being promoted and recorded for the Mystic label.  It is being distributed via shops online and at shows.

Career wise where do you find yourselves at this time?

I’d like to think that my career at the moment is on the rise.  We just did a BBC session for the Paul Jones show at Abbey Road, and are in the midst of our 5th UK Tour.  Our future plans would be to tour in support of the newest release and keep writing more material.

Who played on the album?

I used session players for my previous album so it felt very important to me to use my stage band for Juggling Dynamite; myself on guitar, Austin Shearer on Bass, Chris Taylor on Drums and Kevin Anker on Hammond Organ.  I also had the honor of using some of my good friends on vocals…  Max Jeffrey III on harmony vocals and Sara Phoebe Etherington makes a guest appearance on a duet called “Make It Alright”.  Producer Scott Velazco sang some great harmonies as well.


How do you go about composing new tunes?

I do a lot of co-writing with long time friend, Erick Sims.  Erick also self penned a few tunes on the record.  I generally come up with music first and Erick comes up with great lyrics.


Can you describe your influences – instrumentally, lyrically and melodically?

I have a lot of the same influences as most blues influenced guitarists…  Hendrix, SRV etc, but I guess that I’m really into songwriters such as the Beatles and Van Morrison, and really into guitarists like Mark Knopfler and Scott Henderson.

Can you comment on the melodic influences and subject matter of the songs?

Sometimes the lyrics will determine a melody and sometimes vice versa. The subject matter really varies.  Mostly about the ins and outs of love but for instance the first tune on the album, The Road is Mine, is about a man running from the law… and the song, Nickel Soul, is about a friend doing you wrong.

Do you deal with any current issues like political or philosophical in your songs music?

I try to stay away from such issues.  Not because of the controversy, but because of lack of interest in music that deals with said issues.

Looking at the album and your back catalogue which songs are you most proud of?

On Juggling Dynamite, I’m really proud of a lot of the songs, for different reasons.  For instance the title track was written with long time friend and bassist Austin Shearer, and songs About Time and Make it Alright were co-written with my wife, Stacy.

I’m also really proud of songs Long Overdue and Walk On off of the Long Overdue album, and I’m pretty fond of Wish You Well, Bird Has Flown and Mr. Maybe off of my second album, Wish You Well.


I guess you’re hoping the album will do well?

It’s really too early to tell, obviously my hopes are for positive reviews and good sales numbers.


To keep growing as an artist and song writer

Career highlight

Recording a BBC session at Abbey Road for the Paul Jones Show,  appearing at the Maryport Blues Festival on the main stage and signing to the Mystic record label

Career lowlight

Having to have surgery on my left index finger for Trigger Finger







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